Important Note: this extension has been superseded by the standard range annotation family of annotations which can be selected through the options menu in Semantic Turkey

The RangeAnnotator extension transforms Semantic Turkey into a true Semantic Annotation System, by replacing the standard annotation mechanism with one producing RangeAnnotations. The application ontology of Semantic Turkey already includes the concept of RangeAnnotation, which is defined as "an Annotation including range information" (that is: a location defined by two points, a start point and an end point). This range information can be implemented according to different formats and interpreted accordingly by a dedicated annotation extension. The current RangeAnnotator extension implements the RangeAnnotation concept by adopting Xpointers, thanks to the availability of a dedicated firefox library for handling this type of reference. RangeAnnotator can be used to produce semantically annotated corpora of documents and, under these circumstances, the selected collections of documents are expected to remain unchanged.