Welcome to Semantic Turkey!!!

Semantic Turkey is a platform for Knowledge Acquisition and Management realized by the ART Research Group at the University of Rome, Tor Vergata

By adopting W3C standards for knowledge representation belonging to the RDF family (RDF, RDFS, OWL, SKOS and SKOS-XL), Semantic Turkey turns the popular Web Browser Firefox into a rich and extensible framework for Knowledge Acquisition, Management and Exchange.

Semantic Turkey can be used as any Ontology Development tool. However, being its UI hosted on Firefox allows user to keep track of relevant information from visited web sites and to organize collected content according to imported/newly created ontologies. Domain experts and ontology developers can thus build ontologies starting from the very raw source of information which they find on the web, without any need of interconnecting different heterogeneous tools and applications

The Firefox user interface is built on top of several different technologies such as Javascript,  XUL, XBL belonging to the Mozilla suite of web tools, while the backing Java framework hosts the services and data layers of the full platform. By exploiting acclaimed modularization standards such as OSGi, Semantic Turkey can be easily extended with new plug'n'play applications. Depending on their needs, extension developers can thus rely on different RDF management libraries, such as Sesame or Jena, develop and plug new functionalities as well as reuse, integrate and customize client facilities from the full range of extensions in the Firefox Add-ons repository

Semantic Turkey is actually more than just a tool, in that its backing Semantic Web framework can be readapted, reconfigured and extended for working in a plethora of scenarios. Currently, the Semantic Turkey framework provides also a backend for the collaborative thesaurus management tool VocBench.