Semantic Turkey System Administrator Manual

This manual deals with advanced features related to system customization/reconfiguration. We classify topics according to these kind of "advanced" users:

The above list does not include developers (e.g. people customizing the system, or extending it through dedicated extensions or implementation of available extension points). A dedicated developers page is provided for them.

Project and Behavior Customization

Custom Forms

ST provides a way to customize forms for creating new resources and for customing the ranges. of properties beyond what is written in their axioms. The Custom Form page on the Vocbench site details provides in detail information on how to create these custom forms.

Custom ID/URI generation

Semantic Turkey allows for the customization of generated URIs for the resources being created while editing.

From version 0.12 of Semantic Turkey, a new powerful URI generation mechanism has been made available.

Note for developers: The custom ID generator is also a useful facility for developers writing their own services where the automatic generation of URIs is requested. See the custom ID generation section in the development manual for more information. The URI generation is now driven by a dedicated extension point, of which the customizable URI generator bundled with ST represents a single instance. If the customization facilities provided by the default URI generator are not enough, it is possible to build a new one and plug it to the system.

Rendering Engine

ST provides a way to customize the rendering of resources on the user interfaces accessing its content.

Customizing Project Properties

work in progress

System Administration

Running Karaf in different modes

The Karaf manual provides a dedicated page for instructions on how to run Karaf in background, without console, etc..

There's also a thread on the mailing list about this topic.