RDF Lifter

The Purpose

A byte-sequence (usually conforming to a non-RDF format) can be handed over to an RDFLifter, in order to transform it to RDF triples.

The Model

An RDFLifter (it.uniroma2.art.semanticturkey.extension.extpts.rdflifter.RDFLifter) is provided with a ClosableFormattedResource containing the source data and a target RDFHandler that will be fed with the produced RDF triples. An additional parameter holds context-dependent stuff, such as the lexicalization model and the URI Generator to use.

The factory of a conforming extension should implement the interface it.uniroma2.art.semanticturkey.extension.extpts.commons.io.FormatCapabilityProvider to communicate the list of data formats supported by that particular extension.

Extension Point Details

The tables below summarizes the details of the RDFLifter extension point.

Name RDF Lifter
Description An RDFLifter can transform content conforming to some data format into RDF triples.
Identifier it.uniroma2.art.semanticturkey.extension.extpts.rdflifter.RDFLifter
Configuration n/a
Settings n/a


The following interface defines the contract for the RDFLifter extension point.

* Extension point for loaders. They are placed at the start of an import chain to fetch data from some
* external source. 
public interface Loader extends Extension {
	* Loads data into the provided target. The default implementation of this operation delegates the
	* operation to concrete subclasses matching the given target.
	* @param source
	* @param acceptedFormat
	* @throws IOException
	default void load(Target target, @Nullable DataFormat acceptedFormat) throws IOException {
		// Default implementation omitted


Choosing and Configuring an RDF Lifter

RDFLifters can be created on demand by the system as they are needed to ingest data from non triple-oriented sources. Nonetheless, they are usually configurable components, the configurations of which can be stored according to the standard configuration/settings mechanism.

RDF Lifter Implementations

RDF Deserializing Lifter

Name RDF Deserializing Lifter
Description An RDF Lifter that deserializes RDF data according to a concrete RDF syntax
Identifier it.uniroma2.art.semanticturkey.extension.impl.rdflifter.rdfdeserializer.RDFDeserializingLifter
Configuration n/a
Settings n/a

Zthes Deserializing Lifter

Name Zthes Deserializing Lifter
Description An RDF Lifter that deserializes RDF data according to a concrete Zthes syntax
Identifier it.uniroma2.art.semanticturkey.extension.impl.rdflifter.zthesdeserializer.ZthesDeserializingLifter
Configuration n/a
Settings n/a

Spreadsheet Deserializing Lifter

Name Spreadsheet Deserializing Lifter
Description An RDF Lifter that deserializes RDF data from a spreadsheet created by the provided exporter in ST
Identifier it.uniroma2.art.semanticturkey.extension.impl.rdflifter.spreadsheetdeserializer.SpreadsheetDeserializingLifter
Configuration n/a
Settings n/a