Reformatting Exporter

The Purpose

RDF data can be manipulated abstractly via a programmatic API without reference to a specific serialization format. However, the need to download such data or to deploy it to some byte-oriented destination requires that RDF data is serialized/reformatting according to some data format. Semantic Turkey abstracts the support for diverse formats under the extension point ReformattingExporter.

The Model

A ReformattingExporter ( is provided with a a connection to a source repository together with the graphs to serialize, producing a ClosableFormattedResource that contains the serialized/reformatted data. Additional parameters hold the format chosen by the user and context-dependent stuff, such as the lexicalization model used in the input data.

The factory of a conforming extension should implement the interface to communicate the list of data formats supported by that particular extension.

Extension Point Details

The tables below summarizes the details of the ReformattingExporter extension point.

Name Reformatting Exporter
Description A Reformatting Exporter can serialize/reformat RDF triples to some data format
Configuration n/a
Settings n/a


The following interface defines the contract for the ReformattingExporter extension point.

* Extension point for reformatting exporters. These components can be placed inside an export pipeline, just
* before a {@link Deployer}, in order to convert RDF data into (usually a non-RDF) format.
public interface ReformattingExporter extends Extension {
	public ClosableFormattedResource export(RepositoryConnection sourceRepositoryConnection, IRI[] graphs,
			@Nullable String format, ExporterContext exporterContext) throws ReformattingException, IOException;

Choosing and Configuring a Reformatting Exporter

ReformattingExporters can be created on demand by the system as they are needed to deploy data to non triple-oriented destinations. Nonetheless, they are usually configurable components, the configurations of which can be stored according to the standard configuration/settings mechanism.

Reformatting Exporter Implementations

RDF Serializing Exporter

Name RDF Serializing Exporter
Description A Reformatting Exporter that serializes RDF data according to a concrete RDF syntax
Configuration n/a
Settings n/a

Zthes Serializing Exporter

Name Zthes Serializing Exporter
Description A Reformatting Exporter that serializes RDF data according to a concrete Zthes syntax


Zthes Serializing Exporter (
pivot languages (pivotLanguages)
Priority list of language tags which the relation of PT terms are based on
Settings n/a