The st-sesame2-ontmanager module

The st-sesame2-ontmanager contains an implementation of the STOntologyManager class for the sesame2 API. It contains pre-factored settings (which can be further customized) for sesame2 embedded triple store facilities (in-memory and native) and for remotely connecting to sesame2 compliant triple stores.

The st-sesame2-ontmanager has been implemented by reusing all of STOntologyManager (it is an abstract class) concrete methods, and by adopting the sesame2 implementation of the OWLART API, which are the basic middleware for RDF management in Semantic Turkey.

The remote connection will work on sesame2 servers or to other triple store servers which are fully compliant with sesame2 (e.g. OWLIM). Some triple stores are still compatible with sesame2 calls, though they might need some customized clients for establishing the connection. For those cases (e.g. Allegrograph and Virtuoso), it suffices to extend the code in the sesame2-ontmanager by adding only the required libraries and code changes where necessary. Feel free to ask on the developers' list about how to develop one, or on the user list if there are other implementations realized by people in the community. We already know of other existing implementations.

In theory, it is possible also to write an implementation for other middlewares, such as Jena, by writing an implementation for our RDF base middleware, OWLART, and then writing the specific STOntologyManager implementation.

In any case, the sesame2 is the one which will be always maintained together with Semantic Turkey.

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