Semantic Turkey Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I see I need to use Maven to build Semantic Turkey. I don't know how to use it and, frankly, I don't want to learn a new technology, I just want to use <replace_here_with_your_favourite_IDE>. May I skip this step?

Yes, in theory you can. You can just check all the dependencies written in the pom.xml file of each project, search them on the web, download them (make a prayer hoping you downloaded the exact version of everything, all the required dependencies etc..), then import them in <replace_here_with_your_favourite_IDE>, inside the project that you just created to hold the sources, then import the sources etc...

...though..let us be a bit evangelists...Maven may be a big beast if you start to love it, you get addicted to it, and start thinking things like "I want to prepare a beer with it" (we are sure there is a Maven plugin even for that...), but, if you are an end user of Maven and just need it to build a project, the time you need to download and install it, is so short you will get immediately paid back for the time you would need to build this single project in the traditional way. See the build instructions to see how quick is to build Semantic Turkey (and most other projects you will find out there) with Maven.

Last but not the least, Maven is today a de facto standard for releasing source code.

...and..oh, yes, almost probably there is a Maven plugin for <replace_here_with_your_favourite_IDE> !

Q. I installed ST, I ran the batch, no error msg is shown, but nothing further is written, and the server seems not to be listening on its port.

Semantic Turkey, on its first run, creates (unless it finds it already there) a new "SemanticTurkeyData" folder in the same directory where it is being installed. So, you should check if this directory is not write-protected.

E.g., in Windows, usually the root of the C: unit is write-protected, so having the following installation:


is not recommended, as it will (try to) create the SemanticTurkeyData directory directly on C:, thus failing.