Option Panel


Accessing Option Panel

The Option Panel can be accessed from the options button of Semantic Turkey extension in the addons page of Firefox.

addons page in Firefox

The Option Panel currently contains two tabs: the Languages Options Panel and Annotation Options Panel

Languages Options

This panel lists the languages which can be selected when chosing the language tag for plain literals. There is also an entry for a default language. This is the first entry which will be prompted when selecting a language for a tag, and is also used for other preferences of Semantic Turkey (e.g. the language for the "human readable tree view" in SKOS. All the entries can be edited by the user.


Annotation Options

This lists the available annotation families. Each family contains a set of actions associated to the annotation gestures defined in the system. See this paper at Keod2013 for more technical details about the extensible annotation family system.

Semantic Turkey is distributed with two annotation families:

Through the button "Change Default Annotation Family" it is possible to change the family which will be adopted for taking annotations.

More annotation functions can be added by developing Semantic Turkey extensions. For more information about how to implement an extension, see the Extension Points section in developers documentation or ask on the developer list about it.


By double clicking on each family, it is possible to configure the actions for each gesture. The configuration currently consists in: