Range Annotator Manual


Range Annotator like Semantic Turkey, has very low requirements for being setup for work:


Range Annotator can be installed as any standard Firefox extension in a very easy and fast way.You can download the xpi (eXtension Package Installer) from this project site from the downloads section.

You have just to drag&drop the xpi file onto an open Firefox window or any Firefox icon on your computer. In either case, a dialog window like the one below will appear: you have just to click on “Install Now” and then restart Firefox.

Range Annotator

Note that if you have not already installed Semantic Turkey or Xpointerlib, after restarting Firefox you will see an error message in thee add-ons window telling that you are missing some component for running this extension.

Range Annotator Error

Options Panel

Range annotator adds a new annotation function to Semantic Turkey. You can see it in the options window: a new annotation function called Xpointer Annotation is shown together with the default bookmarking function. Range Annotator provide to set up Xpointer Annotation as current annotation mode. In this panel if you want you can change the current annotation mode using the "change default Annotation" button.


Highlighting annotations on a page

Range annotator, like Semantic Turkey, highlights range annotations on a page. If a page contains annotations, the "annotate page image" icon highlighterwill appear in the bottom right corner. To highlight the annotations you have just to click on the "annotate page image".

Range Annotator extends the standard highlighting mechanism (which highlights all occurrences of bookmarked words in a page), to locate the point in the page where the range annotation has been taken and highlighting only that part of the document.


Export Annotations

Range Annotator offers an functionality to export taken annotations in a text file. To export annotations you have just to click on the "Export Annotations" button that you can see on the upper left corner; a window like one below will open and you choose the directory and file where to save annotations.