Installation as a feature from Karaf console

From version 0.10, Semantic Turkey is deployed as an OSGi bundle inside an Apache Karaf OSGi container. For sake of convenience for the user, the standard build of Semantic Turkey includes an already configured Karaf installation.

However, we have also released Semantic Turkey on Maven as an OSGi bundle and in particular as a Karaf feature. It is thus possible to dynamically materialize Semantic Turkey inside a pre-existing Karaf server, by solely specifying its download URL from the Karaf console, and then install it.


Behind the usual requirement for ST, there is only one more (obvious) requirement:

Installation and Run

Open karaf in interactive mode (using the karaf batch/bash script) and then:

  1. install the semantic turkey feature file


  2. check that the semantic_turkey feature is available

    features:list | grep semantic_turkey

  3. install the semantic_turkey feature

    features:install semantic_turkey

  4. check that the feature is correctly installed

    features:list | grep semantic_turkey

  5. usually, if you came up to this step with no issue, ST should be already upand running. However, you maight want to shutdown and restart Karaf to be 100% there is nothing appended after the downloads. For a clean exit, you may use the stop script, or run the following from the console:

    shutdown now