Semantic Turkey Extensions Library

This section acts as a repository for extensions which have already been developed and publicly released. If you or your company/organization have developed an extension for Semantic Turkey, you can contact us


The Sheet2RDF extension bridges Semantic Turkey with Sheet2RDF, a platform for acquisition and transformation of datasheets into RDF.

Sheet2RDF is built on top of our flagship platform for automatic knowledge acquisition and triplification CODA, and is specifically targeted towards the acquisition and processing of information from datasheets, in order to generate RDF content modeled according to any target RDF vocabulary


OntoLing was a popular Protege extension allowing for linguistic enrichment of ontologies through acquisition of content coming from different lexical resources. We have developed a porting of OntoLing actually years ago but, due to various evolutions of Semantic Turkey, and to possible radical changes we were thinking for that system, we have never released it. If you are interested in it, just drop us a line and we will provide you a working copy of it.

Outdated extensions

These extensions are either no more supported, or have been integrated as core features of Semantic Turkey, or have been renamed and transformed into other projects. We list them here for historical reasons

Range Annotator

The RangeAnnotator extension transforms Semantic Turkey into a true Semantic Annotation System, by replacing the standard annotation mechanism with one producing RangeAnnotations

Important Note: this extension has been superseded by the standard range annotation family of annotations which can be selected through the options menu in Semantic Turkey

UIMA Integration

The UIMAST (UIMA-ST Integration) extension is an ongoing attempt to integrate the Apache UIMA Framework into Semantic Turkey.

On the one hand the extension will turn Semantic Turkey into a full-fledged UIMA development environment and on the other hand it will use UIMA technologies to automatically generate metadata about web pages.