Visualization Level

Semantic Turkey offers two different visualization levels: normal and debug. If you set normal, the ontology panel will show only the data that is being edited or which has been explicitly owl:imported imported, if you set the visualization level to debug, elements from the Semantic Annotation ontology will be shown too.

In figure below, we see three editor panels. The first on the left has been opened on the :Armando Stellato instance. It is possible to see the triple on the ann:annotation predicate (normally hidden from the user) pointing to an instance (identified by a UUID) of a :SemanticAnnotation, which has been exploded in the second panel. The ann:SemanticAnnnotation instance is characterized by the selected ann:text and by its source (ann:location), which is the instance of :WebPage shown in turn on the third panel, characterized by the last time it has been visited, its URL (ann:url), and title (ann:title).

In case the range annotation family is being selected, the DOM range will be also shown on the annotation.

visualization in editor panel with debug window

The Individual