Semantic Turkey Documentation

This documentation page is focused on Semamtic Turkey 1.0

Documentation for the previous version of Semantic Turkey, can be found here.

Requirements and Installation


Semantic Turkey comes with a standalone distribution which includes:

so at least, for a simple use of the system, nothing else is necessary, except for Java 8 (no less, no more than 8)

We recommend use of a separate, dedicated triple store for storing the data, while adopting local repositories only for small projects and for quickly playing with the system. In particular, due to a bug in RDF4J, NativeStore repositories might not be properly persisted if the server is closed abruptely, without closing the project holding the repository first.

Optionally, a separate http server can be used for hosting the web application.

More details for both options are provided in the system administrator manual.


Installation of the system is pretty immediate: unzip the standalone distribution and that's all!

More advanced installation options are described in the system administrator manual.

Running the system



The user manual details all (well, all..we are always improving the application, and we hope to keep up with the docs!) the operations that users can perform on the application.

The system administrator manual deals with various installation options and all the advanced features related to system customization/reconfiguration that need to be performed under the hood

The developer manual provides behind-the-stage information for ST developers, third party developers and anybody interested in how ST works