Requirements and Installation



Semantic Turkey has very low requirements for being setup for work:

Available installations

Semantic Turkey, in its Firefox incarnation, is composed of two elements: the OSGi-based server, and its client developed as an extension for Firefox. There are basically two ways to install the server. Either by using the prebuilt package, or by installing it as a feature inside a pre-existing Karaf installation. This document deals with the first way, so read the next sections if you don't even now what Karaf is and/or if you are not interested in it.

You may instead read this if you have an already configured Karaf container and want to add Semantic Turkey to the array of your other existing services.

Installation and Run

Semantic Turkey comes for download from its project site as a single zip including both server (zipped in turn) and the xpi of the firefox client. Sometimes, due to a later update on the client only (e.g. to address a change in a following version of Firefox), a new client can be made available as a download. In any case, there are two objects which need to be obtained:

To run the server, you just need to enter the bin folder inside its distribution and run - depending on your OS - either the batch script (file with extension: ".bat", on Windows) or the shell script (file with extension: ".sh", on UNIX systems, such as Linux or Mac) with name: st_server_run.

The Firefox client of Semantic Turkey can be installed as any standard Firefox extension in a very easy and fast way. There are two possibilities: either you click on the "install" button from the Semantic Turkey home page in the extensions library site of Firefox (but pay attention to the reported version, it could be not still updated to the latest version), or you use the xpi (eXtension Package Installer) you downloaded from the project site.

In the first case, you will be immediately prompted for installation, while, in the second one, you have just to drag&drop the xpi file onto an open Firefox window or any Firefox icon on your computer. In either case, a dialog window like the one below will appear: you have just to click on “Install Now” and then restart Firefox.


Once Firefox has restarted, you may run ST by clicking on the button with its logo, appearing on a dedicated tool bar:


Checking that Semantic Turkey is working properly

in case something went wrong, you could be prompted with an error like the one below (text of reported exception may slightly vary from version to version...)

init error

this means that the server is not running (or worse, not running properly). Hoping your case falls in the first hypothesis, just remember to start the server (see Installation and Run above). If the server is instead running (at least, in theory), something else could be wrong...we created a troubleshooting page for these cases.

There are other checks which are being performed when ST is being started, such as the test for client/server version alignment. This latter test only provides a warning in case it detects different versions, but it doesn't prevent the application from working (it could be the case that two different versions may still be compatible, and the user is aware of that, so go along at your own risk... ;) ).

If nothing went wrong, you may come back to the main doc page!